Our Services

We offer a wide range of services among which are:


We are competent to bring your product to the customers with posture compiling and customized messages via billboards, T.V. adverts, radio and news print.

Fizzie Republic over the period of 2 years has promoted about 40 advertising campaigns for Fashie-Fizzie, Nigerian Tribune, Shooting Starts FC, Airtel and so on. Our clients have experienced potential growth in business.


That is the image perception of each companies we work with. We create unique and distract identity for each firm as we monitor such brand we created for these companies.

+Direct Marketing

This is our activity when we rally products out to customers to create an experience. This comes with promotions of items and products. We make branded items like T-Shirts, Pen, Calendar, Diaries, etc. as we go further to male rallies with D.J.


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