Former marine turned amputee becomes fitness & underwear model

25 year old former US marine and Afghan war veteran Alex Minsky has turned his tragedy into triumph. He lost his right leg in an explosion in 2009 after driving over an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan when he was just 21.

After losing his leg, he fell into depression and heavy drinking but with the help of his family, he found himself again and made some changes in his life. He also started working out regularly at a gym and that was where he was discovered by model scouts. Alex is now a sought after fitness and underwear model. “I just want people from nearby and far away to be inspired to try harder and never give up on themselves” Alex said in a recent interview. “I didn’t set out to be an underwear model. I was just taking care of myself and working out. It just so happens that I look good in underwear. ”

Alex donates a percentage of his modeling earnings to the Wounded Warriors project. #BeInspired!


Wizkid invited by policemen at Zone 2 Command today

Wizkid and his manger Godwin Tom were invited by men of the Nigeria Police Force –  Zone 2 Command, Onikan, today June 19th after students of the University of Lagos reported the music star to the police.

The students claim that Wizkid collected N500, 000 from them as full payment for a show that was supposed to hold at UNILAG Sports Centre on May 21st tagged Concert of Life. They claim Wizkid didn’t show up for the show and didn’t return their money so they went to the police.

Wizkid was at Zone 2 for a few hours this afternoon with his team. He was bailed by his lawyer after he wrote a statement and was asked to report back to the station next week.

I reached out to Wizkid’s camp but they kept mum on the matter. But someone privy to the case said they believe an impostor collected the money and not Wizkid. Hopefully, Wizkid’s camp will eventually release a statement clearing the air.

Italian designers Dolce&Gabbana sentenced to prison for tax evasion

Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the men behind fashion power house, Dolce & Gabbana were today June 19th sentenced to one year and eight months in prison by an Italian court after being found guilty of tax evasion. They were also fined €500,000.

The multimillionaire designers were accused of hiding millions of euros from Italian tax authorities, charges they deny and have said they intend to appeal against any conviction.

Italian authorities are accusing them of moving their brand to a Luxembourg-based holding company Gado – in 2004, so they could avoid declaring taxes on royalties of about 1 billion euros.

The Italian authorities have been investigating the designers for about six years now and they were actually cleared of tax evasion/fraud charges at a previous trial in April 2011 but Italy’s highest court overturned that ruling, ordering that the case be sent back to trial.

Their sentences have been suspended pending their appeal.

MI, Ice Prince, NaetoC, Dr SID, Celebrate Lokoja fans at Star Trek

“We rocked Lagos, we’re going to do it even better in Lokoja’ ”. That was the promise superstar artistes performing at the 2nd leg of the Star Music Trek  which held on  June 15th 2013 in Lokoja made before the concert and music lovers who trooped out in their numbers yesterday to Lokoja stadium were not disappointed.

The second leg of the annual Star Music Trek concert lived up to its high billing and more. The event, which featured high energy performances from MI, Jmartins, IcePrince,Dr Sid, Naeto C, Jukebox and others,was rated by fans as being undeniably the biggest concert in Lokoja in 2013.

OAU student gives birth & attempts to flush new born baby down the toilet in school hostel

According to reports I got this morning from students of Obafemi Awolowo University, a female student of the school gave birth in the Moremi Hostel hall toilet and attempted to flush the baby but was caught my the hall cleaners.

They say the girl’s name is Oyin (let’s leave her surname out for now) and she’s a 400l student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The incident happened early this morning around 7.

According to a student of the school who sent in the photo, a cleaner heard a baby crying inside one of the toilet stalls and saw blood coming from under the door as she went to clean the toilets. She quickly went to call other cleaners and the hall porters and they forced the door open.

When they entered the toilet they saw the student pouring water inside the closet, the baby turned upside down, with the head inside the closet. They also found bagco sack inside the toilet

One of the women dipped her hand inside and removed the baby…a boy, who was still very much alive but bleeding from the nose. The cleaners called school management who rushed both the girl and the new born baby to Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital for treatment. The placenta fell while they were rushing the girl to the hospital. (Rescued baby pictured abo

Rouhani brings hopes of a new era

  • Hassan Rouhani (C) greets supporters at a rally in
Tehran on Saturday.
    AP Hassan Rouhani (C) greets supporters at a rally in Tehran on Saturday.

Hassan Rouhani has become Iran’s new President, raising hopes of a new era of politics, where reformists, in political oblivion for the last eight years, would have a chance of joining the mainstream.

Iran’s Press TV is reporting that out of the 36, 704,156 votes that have been tallied, Mr. Rouhani has won a total of 18,613,329 votes, or 50.70 percent — sufficient to avoid a run-off with his nearest rival.

Ahead of the latest tally, it had become evident that conservative candidates were being routed. Saeed Jalili, the hardline conservative seen by many as the frontrunner, was in third place. Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, the hands-on Mayor of Tehran, stood in second place, way behind Mr. Rouhani.

Mr. Rouhani’s success can be attributed to the formation of a coalition with former President Mohammad Khatami’s reformers. Mr. Khatami’s role in persuading Mohammad Reza Arif, a reformist candidate, to withdraw meant that centrists and reformists could unite behind Mr. Rouhani, significantly bolstering his chances.

Besides, Mr. Rouhani ran a skilful campaign, which included the use of purple colour coding — Mr. Rouhani’s supporters tied ribbons and wore purple wristbands — that seemed to have gone down well with the youth. Psychologically, Mr. Rouhani’s innovative campaign faintly connected with change brought about by colour coded revolutions in Eastern Europe.

Though hardly a radical, Mr. Rouhani had gone out of his way to seek support of women, through his strong message of gender equality. In a campaign video aired over state television, Mr. Rouhani had said: “In my government, differences between women and men won’t be tolerated.” His message of greater media freedom and call for social dignity by stopping harassment by “plainclothes people” — a reference to the paramilitary Basij militia — also seemed to have gone down well with the young electorate, aspiring for greater self-expression and a big turnaround in the economy.

As President, Mr. Rouhani would be truly tested by the popular demand for the improvement of the economy. That is a tall order because the problems of the economy are intertwined with sanctions and the lack of progress on the nuclear dialogue with the West. Structurally, the new President would be able to do little, as the core security and foreign policy issues, including the nuclear dialogue, are handled by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Yet, the greater atmosphere of openness that Mr. Rouhani has promised could unlock a burst of youthful energy, triggering demands for an institutional revamp.

Analysts point out that if elected, Mr. Rouhani could bridge the gap between the conservatives and reformists, who became embittered foes after the crackdown on protesters following the controversial 2009 elections.