World’s most expensive motor home goes on sale for £2million

The world’s most expensive motorhome has gone on sale in Dubai, covered in gold & worth £2m.

The space-age eleMMent Palazzo comes complete with a colossal master bedroom, 40-inch TV, on-board bar, fireplace and even its own rooftop terrace. But the most impressive piece of luxury is the ‘Sky Lounge’ – at the press of a button the 40ft home transforms into a personal retreat with pop up cocktail bar, underfloor heating and extravagant marble lighting. Continue…


Happy 33rd birthday to the Kokomaster

Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo, one of Africa’s biggest entertainers was born today June 9th 33 years ago. Happy birthday to him. Wishing him many more successful years ahead.

Luxury designer Alexander Amosu creates world’s most expensive champagne

Nigerian luxury designer Alexander Amosu has created the most expensive champagne in the world called Taste of Diamonds. The drink costs 1.2million pounds. Converted to Naira it is – N250million, which can get you three luxury duplexes in Lekki. 🙂

Amosu created a design which takes its inspiration from the Superman style signature and hand crafted it from 18ct solid white gold weighing approximately 48gsm of solid gold centred by a single flawless deep cut white diamond weighing 19cts. The label is also handmade in 18ct solid gold and weighs approximately 36gsm, handcrafted and engraved with the client’s name.

Amosu created the design in collaboration with luxury champagne brand, Goût de Diamants.

Garden egg useful for weight reduction says nutritionist

Abuja – Hajiya Jummai Hassan, a nutritionist with Wuse General Hospital, Abuja, has said that garden egg also known as eggplant could help to reduce body weight.

Hassan on Monday said  that eggplant, also referred to as “aubergine’’ had low calorie, low sodium and low protein, was high in dietary fibre and potassium.

“Egg plant is a fruit but it is classified under vegetables, if you really want to lose weight you should eat fresh garden egg.

“When you take garden egg, it fills the tummy because of its fibre content and it helps reduce the food you consume, thereby reducing the calories and body weight.’’

She added that due to the high fibre content in eggplant, it helped to reduce bad cholesterol in the body, thereby protecting the heart.

The nutritionist said that garden egg helped to regulate the blood pressure, saying that it also helped to maintain and regulate the function of the heart.

“Because of the high fibre and low soluble carbohydrate content of the eggplant, it controls glucose absorption and reduces the risk of hypertension.

“It is very low in calorie content, so when you consume it and you  are diabetic it suppresses the sugar level and brings the blood pressure down.’’

Hassan also said that garden egg had an anti-ulcer remedy, which could be used as treatment for ulcer.

“It is not that it protects you from having ulcer but when you have it and you take garden egg, it has that-anti ulcer remedy that suppresses it.’’

The nutritionist said that patients with glaucoma should eat a lot of garden egg because it served as an antioxidant, which prevented cells in the body from damage.

She said that garden egg leaf was also useful in treating snake bites, “which indicates that every part of the plant is useful.’’

The nutritionist said that garden egg could be eaten fresh or prepared into stew and eaten with yam, rice or any other food.



BILLIONAIRE SEAN PARKER Dropping $9 MILLION … on Wedding Decorations!!!

If you invested in Facebook, here’s another reason to unfriend Fbook billionaire Sean Parker — he’s blowing nearly $9 mil to create a temporary backdrop for his wedding.

We’ve learned Parker — who made billions with companies like Napster and Facebook — booked the entire ultra-swank Ventana Inn in Big Sur, CA for the weekend of June 1st to tie the knot with Alexandra Lenas in an over-the-top wedding with a medieval flair.

To realize his vision … we’re told Sean hired a landscaping company to build fake ruins, waterfalls, bridges, ponds and a gated cottage in the resort’s surrounding forest — where he’ll say “I do” in a ceremony fit for a king … or Hobbit.

All the guests will enter through a $600,000 gate, dance on a $350,000 floor, and they better stop and smell the roses … because Parker’s dropping more than $1,000,000 on plants and flowers!

Throw in a bunch more fancy overpriced decorations … and grand total for the BACKDROP is $8.6 million.

In case you care … Sean hired the costume designer from “Lord of the Rings” to make dreads for his guests … and like a yarmulke at an Orthodox Jewish temple … you can’t get in without it.

Now the kicker …  the entire backdrop will go in the dumpster immediately following the shindig.

Kinda like Napster.