Jason Derulo ‘Cried When His Tour Was Cancelled’ After He Broke His Neck During Rehearsals

Jason Derulo has returned to making music after breaking his vertebrae, and admits that taking time off work made him cry, especially when he was told he had to cancel his tour.

Jason’s new album will be the first since he broke his neck last year during tour rehearsals, an extremely low point for the singer, who credits his girlfriend Jordin Sparks for being “instrumental” in his recovery as he struggled emotionally with having to cancel his tour.

“The lowest point was when they told me I had to cancel my tour. I cried. I didn’t cry when I broke my neck but I did then.”

“The recovery process was crazy too, because as a man, you’re just so used to being independent and doing things yourself,” he told E! News. “Not being able to do things like tie my own shoes or take a shower by myself is pretty humbling.”

“The simplest things that we take for granted, like tying my shoes or putting on a shirt, she was right there for me. That situation brought us very close because I think it takes a very special person to drop everything they’ve got going on in their life, especially someone of her calibre, to come and aide me.”

Jason and Jordin won’t be making sweet music anymore (Try CW/WENN)

But it seems that despite wanting to propose to Jordin in the near future after her support made them closer than ever, Jason has insisted that they won’t be making sweet music together again after things in the studio “got a bit heated” when they worked together.

It’s a golden rule that you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure, but Jason and Jordin were willing to take the risk as they recorded a song for Jason’s new album. However the lovebirds soon discovered that their different working styles were the cause for a lot of tension.

According to the Daily Star, Jason admitted: “I wasn’t worried about mixing work and pleasure until it actually happened and then it proved more difficult. We quickly found out we had different working styles.”

And it appears that the couple didn’t hold back when it came to giving each other their professional opinions: “When you are lovers you don’t need to be polite so it got a bit heated. We had a few arguments.”


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