Ace comedian Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe at the Court of Appeal in a case instituted against him by the Drugs Agency- NDLEA has lost the #25 Million Naira for damages judgement he had earlier obtained at the High Court.

In the ruling given today in Lagos at the higher court, the Court of Appeal overturned the ruling of the High court and by extension quashed also the #25 Million Naira damages the High Court had granted the comedian in the earlier ruling. 

If you all can readily recall, the comedian had been arrested about a year ago as he was about to board a flight abroad on the suspicions of carrying hard drugs on his person. After been detained for many days for to him to supposedly excrete the hard drugs nothing seemingly happened, till he was ordered to be released by the court and he was subsequently awarded #25 Million Naira in damages for unlawful detention. The NDLEA had immediately objected to the ruling and immediately instituted an appeal, the results of that objection is the judgement giving by the Court of Appeal today, in their favour. 

The comedian’s lawyer, Mr. Bamidele Aturu has already stated that they would appeal the judgement or ruling. Now it’s on to the Supreme Court for another round of arguments for & against. May the better prepared win.


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