So finally the matter would be laid to rest now. The highest court in the country, The Supreme Court of Nigeria, has finally reiterated the victory of the sitting Governor, His Excellency Governor Kayode Fayemi of ACN. And by extension has declared no hanky-panky was involved. 

This Supreme Court case had been the fallout of the dispute over the conduct of the 2007 Governorship election in Ekiti State. Remember Segun Oni’s PDP election victory had been nullified by the Court of Appeal in 2009 under the leadership of Justice Salami. Oni had gone to court to protest that there might have been a case of bias, because of alleged cordiality between the head of the Court of Appeal and the leadership of Fayemi’s party- The ACN. His appeal was centered on the fact that Justice Ayo Salami should have excused himself from the case, because of his alleged friendship with the Jagaban, which could have been a reason for bias in his ruling then.

The Court of Appeal in 2012 had dismissed Oni’s case, saying he should have raised his objections long before judgement was delivered. Now the Supreme Court this morning , Friday, May 31, 2013 has also ruled against Segun Oni and thereby giving Kayode Fayemi the victory. 

So now that the case has finally been rested, Governor Fayemi can now breathe a sigh of relief and hit the ground running to deliver to his people, the much needed dividend of democracy, no more case hanging over his head.  


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