a man lying with snake

A True story
"I was reading a book then i felt
sleepy,i didnt see the snakes
entering my house,i only did one
mistake "i forgot to close a
door",7 snakes entered my
house,i felt more comfortable and
warmth while sleepy,i thought
my wife was comforting
me,perhaps the snakes was
comforting me,i starting shouting
and nothing happend,then i
started praying and something
happened,From that day I
discovered that God is faithful as
he was faithful to Daniel, he was
faithful to the 3 men thrown in
fire, he is faithful to
meeeeeeeeee! and he is faithful
to everyone,
you just have to believe that he is
the Lord,after opening my eyes
the snakes were disappeared,
OH praise God,Jesus is always
there for us,you can't see him
physical but he's there"
Type amen if you Trust God

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