Married Nollywood actor Solomon Akinyesi plans secret wedding with mistress… wife storms venue

The wedding scheduled to take place last Saturday, April 13 at the Overcomer’s Church, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos between Nollywood actor Solomon Akiyesi and one Miss Uloma Agwu now bares many names, shame, sham, disaster, tragic if you want to go too far and that’s because Solomon unknown to many is a married man and when his eight months old pregnant wife Lilian Akinyesi based in Port Harcourt got wind of the wedding taking place in Lagos, she stormed the venue and all hell was let loose.

This sounds like the synopsis of a movie but it is no; it happened in real life. According to reports, Nollywood actor, Solomon and Lilian Akiyesi have been married seven years ago and are based in Port Harcourt . After years of childlessness, Lilian finally got pregnant last year…but unknown to her, her husband was already having an affair with a Lagos based lady Uloma Agwu.


Uloma got pregnant for Solomon and the two started planning this botched wedding. Fortunately for Lilian, she got wind of the wedding plans a few days to the D day.

Lilian along with family members and friends got to the church in time just before Solomon and Uloma were pronounced man and wife; she wrestled her way through security at the church entrance, invaded the church and went after her shocked husband. It was a war that ended only after police officers were contacted they too stormed the church to bring sanity to a situation fast spinning out of control.


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