An apple a day

An apple a day

Failure is never final,success is never ending

-Robert Schuller


What did failure means to you. let me briefly define it. Failure is the inability or putting a stop to achieving a goal, quest, dream or longing! it literary means giving up!

Resting a while or holding on doesn’t translate to giving up! As we all know, a football match is not played 90mins with out half time. What many of us are experiencing in our work is simply resting a while. Devil in his schemes makes us to believe we have dashed the dream. He makes our rest period look as if it is eternal. I got this to say,never give up on a good thing. Go back to your dreams,it will shock you how formidable you are now!

Success is never ending cause of the capacity to improve upon your performance. Every record will be broken no matter how long the champion or the record holder reigns. In-as-much as you are ready to push, you are a success! Push, push and push! God will give you victory! if everyone can try, everybody is a winner!

Do the right thing, transform Nigeria

This a call to be a good Nigeria!

This message of hope is brought to you by FR-Studios and NOA

It was Olubadan, HRM Oba Odulana Odugade’s 99yrs on earth yesterday. Long live the king!The was really colourful @ Watersheld Event center along Loyola College road

GCI old boys association meeting was held @
Engr Femi Babalola’s(Jogor) house. It was a fantastic moment as dignitaries and men of worth filled up the place. all ex-gcites were urged to rally round and support Jogor for FB 2015,governorship ambition!Engr Femi Babalola is a simple,prudent,humble and highly cerebral person. Take my words to the bank!

Gafo infinity lounge rocks perfect yesterday. His sundays are always exceptional!Lovely music,drinks and shisha! I love every moment I spent there!

FR-Studios(Music,Pictures and Videos)

Good morning and God super bless you!


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