An apple a day

An apple a day

Bless your enemy and pray for those who persecute you


Here is a personal experience of what I preach!Most of the stuffs I say to you on this medium are real and personal. This is a message from someone with this number 08085127954.with it is also my response. You are advised to learn from this

Verbatim message from a friend on the left hand
with mobile number 08085127954.

I see you have started a new business , like the others before it , it will fail too, just give it time. U go talking about God , u cheap pretender, do u think God favours cheats. U will keep failing till u rite d wrong. if u like go to d highest mountains to pray. failure is ur fashie,i curse u everyday.

My Response(08035439230)

God will bless you and make your path straight! success is yours and God will make us live in prosperity forever!you are blessed beyond measure!

You score no point hating your enemy. you make no sense in revenge! Stop carrying extra luggage on your journey. let’s be focused cause the victory is very near. Never be bitter,it kills faster than cancer,don’t dull!we don’t need to be angel nor saint to do the right thing

This is a message of hope from FR-Studios and NOA

Do the right thing,transform Nigeria

A call to be a good Nigerian

FR-Studios (Music,Pictures and Video)



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