Traders protest against multiple taxation in Anambra



The traders say the taxes are crippling their businesses.

A group of traders in Awka on Friday staged rallies in protest against ‘multiple taxation’ by the Anambra Government agencies.

The traders under the aegis of Zik Avenue Traders Association, carried their placards with various inscriptions, to the Government House, Awka.

The inscriptions include “Double taxation: we pay for business premises, forASWAMA, for sign boards, for liquor and small scale businesses,” “If our customers cannot park we cannot sell,” and “Gov Obi, save Zik avenue traders.”

The Vice Chairman of the association, Ikechukwu Ndubusi, told newsmen that what was being charged on their businesses was crippling. He claimed that in spite the taxation, “there are no amenities provided by government in the market save for the road that leads there.”

“We are being charged exorbitantly, our customers cannot park because there are no parking lots provided. We used to pay N1,000 annually for waste disposal but now, we are being made to pay over N8,000.

“We have been meeting with the various agencies in charge but there has not been good response so far, so, today, our members decide to come and inform the government of our plight,” Mr. Ndubusi said.

The Secretary to the State Government, Obaze Oseloka, who addressed the traders, said that the government was determined to keep the state clean. Mr. Oseloka said that it was important for the traders to pay their tax for the government to provide amenities.

“Awka has been dirty, we are trying to clean it up and everybody has a role to play; you are businessmen and our job is to facilitate it,” he said.

He advised the traders to negotiate any perceived high billing by government agencies.





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