Chris Brown’s Bodyguard Drake Started Club Brawl With ‘F***ing’ Rihanna

Drake started the blowout NYC nightclub brawl last summer with Chris Brown … by sending Brown a handwritten note that read “I’m f***ing the love of your life” — this according to Chris Brown’s bodyguard.According to the lawsuit, obtained by the NY Daily News, Patrick Strickland — whose head was badly bloodied during the flying bottle attacks — is suing Drake and W.i.P. nightclub, where the brawl took place last June.Strickland says Drake’s note — a clear reference to Rihanna — started a verbal altercation, which then led to the all-out melee in which several people were badly injured … including Strickland and several other clubgoers.0614_BROWN_BODYGUARD_GASH_INJURY_gurney
According to Strickland, the club is also responsible for over-serving Dreezy — and seating him way too close to Chris … in light of their public beef over RiRi.He’s suing for unspecified damages.


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