Do you want to win Ibadan?

Do you want to win Ibadan?Do you want traffic at your event?

Do you want artist that can deliever?Group of event professionals in sound,video,pictures,food,

stage and ushering that will grace your occasion?

Even printing of quality programm for your events like posters,iv and tickets

We can refer you to lovely hotels in Ibadan and arrange a discount for you.

We have been in Ibadan for over 30yrs.

We have never lived 3weeks away from Ibadan in our over 30yrs of living in the town!

List of shows we’ve associated with

Basketmouth Uncensored
Night of a Thousand Laughs
Cool 2 Vote(Arguably the best show ever hosted in University of Ibadan)
Laff up live!
Fuji fest
Rhythm Unplugged by Flytime Entertainment
Dunmamis(Stone church)
Legend Extra Stout(Promo)
Rise network in Ibadan

We can categorically tell you that we know almost everybody that is relevant in Ibadan!

Choose FR-Events!


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