Fit For The gods: Wedding Bells Toll For 2face…

2face and annie macaulay


March 23, and the stage is set. Sinah ballroom is the venue, located in the popular luxurious Jumeirah Beach Hotel. 2face and Annie Macauley will take to the aisle to voice their vows, and make promises of an eternal tomorrow. Announcements have been made, and invitations struck up to a select crowd. 250 guests will grace the occasion, and this is how events would unfold.

Oaken Events are the planners, and if reputation translates as reality, then a masterpiece is what we expect. Music for the day is given to dancehall as the professors of Nigerian gbedu flavor, Timaya, Sound Sultan and the 911 Band are high on alomo…sorry I meant to say alert, to deliver.

Guests will arrive, and they’ll be lodged in the following uber-Hotels: Fraizer Suites, D’Atlantis Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and the legendary Burj Al Arah.

The apparels of the day will be made ready, and donned by the respective guests. The Groomsmen get the best suites from the finesse of Mai Atafo. The bridesmaids, never relenting, would be resplendent in attires from the celebrated skill of Yvonne Nwosu. The bride, paragon of the day, will stun the crowds, crowned and clad in gown worth 7,000 pounds.

An impressive posse of groomsmen would grace the event, as lined up are D’Banj, Faze, Sound Sultan, Tony Tetuila, Dotun Omoteye and Hycinth Idibia to lend their shoulders.

After the knotting of nuptial ties, speedboats will be on hand to ferry the guests to Royal Island Beach where the reception will begin.

Now for the afterparty (very important), which will go down at the Nigerian-owned Kiza Nite Club. The party will rage until the morning. Now for the rest in poetry…


Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong…we hear it from the future. Hounding our every moment, lingering on the cusp of our thoughts, and serenading the works of our unconscious moments…

Together they’ll walk, hand in hand, hearts entwined, spirits enlivened, by love and all that renews the air. Pristine vows lie in wait, to bind forever, all who confess. For to give words to vows, is to lend tomorrow a new today.

2face stands tall in love, Annie walks pure in grace, and together they seek to embark to eternity.

In fabled dubai, the bells will toll, Groomsmen sleek in honour would stand by his side… All who witness shall leave spellbound, struck by love, spectre and charm…

2face and Annie…together forever, the legend will linger.

We Can’t Wait!




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