Cultists invade Imo Polytechnic hostels

An unidentified cultist group in Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo, attacked student hostels on Monday. The incident occurred at about 11pm, with the properties of victimised students stolen.
Our correspondent learnt this cultist group has been disturbing the peace of the students for about a week now, and had continued to rob them of their belongings.
Although, the students were writing their first semester examination, they had been living in fear because no one knew the next time this group might attack.
A student who pleaded anonymity, for fear of being attacked said, “The cult boys attacked at about 11pm. When we heard the noise last night we became scared, because it had been going on for about a week now.
“We were peeping from our rooms before the school’s man-o-war members rushed into the hostels. They told us to turn off the lights both in the rooms and on the corridor, those that  we could not find their switches, we had to break the bulbs.”
She said the cultists had guns with them and were shooting, but members of the army showed up before things  normalised.
She said “We were hearing gunshots everywhere and did not leave our rooms, we just laid down.
“After some time army people intervened, I do not know how they got to know about the attack and I am not very sure if they took some people away with them.
“But that was how the whole incident calmed down; we have not heard anything since then.”
Our correspondent also learnt that nobody was killed during the attack, but phones, laptops and other gadgets were stolen.

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