Nigeria President: Goodluck Jonathan won’t declare amnesty for Boko Haram.

A picture taken from a video distributed to journalists in recent days through intermediaries and obtained by AFP on March 5, 2013 reportedly shows Abubakar Shekau (C), the suspected leader of Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram, flanked by six armed and hooded fighters in an undisclosed place.
Boko Haram

Nigeria President: Goodluck Jonathan declared, yesterday, that his government will not admission absolution to associates of the Islamic active sect, Boko Haram, as accepted by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III and some Northern groups.

The president, who fabricated the acknowledgment while speaking in Damaturu at a boondocks anteroom affair during his one-day appointment to Yobe State, said he could not admission absolution to ghosts but that he was accessible to agreement if associates of the camp would appearance themselves physically with their demands.

However, Governor Ibrahim Geidam of YobeState, said his government had spent about N4.8 billion to accommodate the affront and that the accompaniment spends about N200 actor account to advance the operations of aegis cadre angry the insurgents.

Responding to calls by some professionals and stakeholders in YobeState, led by above Minister of Finance, Alhaji Adamu Ciroma, for absolution for the Boko Haram group, Admiral Jonathan said such a action would not be accessible for now because associates of the accumulation accept remained ghosts with no one advancing advanced to accept associates of the sect.

I can’t acknowledge absolution for ghosts

He said: You cannot acknowledge absolution for ghosts. Boko Haram still operates like ghosts. So, you can’t allocution about absolution for Boko Haram now until you see the humans you are discussing with.

Comparing the absolution accepted to militants in the Niger Delta, Jonathan said this was accessible for backward Admiral Umaru Yar’Adua to do because the militants came out of the creeks and met backward Admiral Yar’Adua in Aso Rock, Abuja if he arrive them, but that in the case of Boko Haram, no baton of the accumulation had alike for talks.

The Admiral said: When you alarm the Niger Delta militants, they will come; but cipher has agreed that he is a Boko Haram member, no one has appear forward. If absolution can break the situation, again no problem. But cipher has appear advanced to accomplish himself visible.

Jonathan, in his speech, brash associates of the camp to appear out with their demands and grievances that would pave the way for agreement and consecutive resolution for the all-embracing development of the state.

While sympathising with the humans of YobeState over the beachcomber of attacks by the camp members, the Admiral debunked insinuations that he had no adulation for the humans of the accompaniment and North-East geopolitical area of the country.

YobeState has been a flashpoint with the Boko Haram affront and alternation of indigenous clashes and this is the aboriginal time the Admiral is clearly visiting the state.



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