Denrele and family attacked by armed robbers at their home



Another brush with the unsavoury…

Peculiar TV host Derenle Edun, over the weekend had an agonizing brush with death as gunmen stormed his Yaba family home in a robbery attack.

The robbery operation occurred between the hours of hours of 1am and 2am, Sunday morning at his family home located on Borno Way, Alagomeji Bus-stop, Yaba, Lagos.

Immediately after the incident, a shocked and distressed Derenle took to twitter to alert us. @DENRELE_EDUN when he tweeted, HELP. My family house was just robbed, five robbers broke into our house and carted away everything. My grandma and dad r in shock: HELP.’

Speaking about the incident, he said he was at home with his 72-year old father and 86-year old grandmother. Also present were 3 female cousins when the robbers stormed the house brandishing guns. ‘The thieves threatened to shoot me in the yes if my grandma hadn’t begged for mercy’ Denrele also wrote on his timeline.

The robbers made away with considerable loot which included phones, laptops, watches, gadgets and even his father’s new plasma screen TV was taken too. Denrele’s Ipad was only safe when his little sister threw it under the bed as the robbers busted in.

A police report has been lodged at the Adekunle Police Station, Yaba.


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