Damino Sleep well



Still in keeping with the heartbreaking trend gripping the Nigerian entertainment circles, another rising musical aspirant, Damino Damoche  was laid to rest on Saturday, March 2 2013 at the Badagry Cemetery, Lagos.

With much sorrow, amidst subdued sobs, sighs and raucous wailing from his survivors,he was interred in accordance with Islamic burial rites.

Damoche,  a 400 level student of the Department of Banking and Finance was murdered in broad-daylight, shot by an unknown assailant at the entrance of Lagos State University, a hive of learning, where he was earning his badges of academic knowledge. He was cut down in his prime by a suspected cultist, and rumuors abound of Damoche dabbling in circles similar to those of his murderer.

Survived by a widowed mother and 2 brothers, Damoche leaves the world. With the bitterness of youthful demise still at large in our country’s entertainment terrain, the condemning shout is bound to gather more volume from concerned followers, grieving fans and a clutch of disinterested citizens.

Rest in Peace, Damoche. May the melodies which you sought to be your legacy to posterity, guide you as you make the journey home. Sleep well, young minstrel.


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