Gloria Maduka – Crazy 4 U

Gloria Maduka

If you want something nice and different, *Crazy 4 You *video is your best bet. *Gloria Maduka *infused her unique trademarks into this awesome video. Catch lovely dance steps nicely blended into her eclectically fresh sound. You’ll barely notice you are moving and smiling all the way through to the end of the video.

Nigerian-born Gloria Maduka is a unique international singer-songwriter. Her music and dance styles are influenced by mainstream pop rock infused with African elements. Her techniques with the conga, bongo, and djembe among other percussion instruments set her apart from other female artists. *Gloria Maduka* was also one of 40 out of 12,000 contestants in Jacksonville, Florida chosen to audition in front of American Idol judges in 2008. She was featured singing on the show during the 2009 season. In September 2011, Maduka was awarded “Best New Act” at the NPA Awards in Atlanta, GA. She also opened the show with a memorable performance. Enjoy!


Download audio here


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