Davido: Password Cries Out With Evidence, Davido Stole “Gobe”


Shocking but true, Upcoming artiste, Password’s management contacted us as soon as we released Davido’s version of “Gobe” yesterday… First we thought it was just another upcoming act looking for attention but when they submitted all the evidence needed we had to contact Davido’s management but no response from them all day;

Upcoming artiste, Password released the song July 8th, 2011 and it was posted by online blogs that existed then. Our team listened closely to the song and yes, it wasn’t sampled David Oyeleke, popularly known as Davido copied the lyrics and also have beat sampled, same chorus.

Password Management hinted taking the matter to court. It should be recalled that Skuki also accused Davido of stealing their beat for his “Overseas” song.

Password Song Posted in 2011

Password Song Posted in 2011

Download Password Version Of Gobe released in 2011!



Following what was supposed to be a big scandal for HKN and Davido. The management of Davido quickly went ahead to release pictures of them getting the rights to re-make “Gobe” from password. The song who has caused more tension than any news this year is said to have been resolved.

Sources close to Password told us that some amount of money exchanged hands but the digits remain undisclosed, but Davido’s team still claims no money was paid for the song and Password had no problem with Davido and producer, Shizzi remaking the song.

The picture below was taking yesterday.

Password & DavidoPassword & Davido

source: http://www.naijamp3s.com


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