Goldie’s Younger Brother Reveals Her Last Words.


Singer Goldie Harvey died of hypertensive heart disease which led to cerebral hemorrhage on February 14, 2012 at Reddington Hospital, Victoria Island; but it was revealed during her funeral service that perhaps, her death could have been prevented had she made it to the hospital on time.
While reading Goldie’s biography, Joshua, the deceased’s younger brother, said Goldie fell into a coma and did not get to the hospital on time because of the traffic snarl caused by Valentine Day celebration.
Narrating her last moments amid tears, Joshua said the last person his sister spoke to before her death was their father whom she asked to pray for her. Godie’s dad Mr Dapo Filani is a pastor.
He said, “Although Bimpe (Goldie) appeared energetic and happy all her life, on February 14, 2013, she complained of headache which led to her death. Her last words were with her father when she snatched the phone from her brother and asked that she wanted to talk to daddy.
“While crying about a splitting headache, she asked for prayer support. Alas she went into a coma almost immediately and died on the way to the hospital due to the Valentine traffic.”


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