Taylor Swift Sued Over Epic Canadian Hoedown Disaster



Taylor Swift
got paid $2.5 MILLION to perform at a hoedown in Canada … but when the show got canceled, Taylor kept the money … this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Long story short … Swift was supposed to headline a huge country music concert in Ottawa in August 2012 called the Capital Hoedown.

Problem is … the promoters couldn’t get their act together, and to the dismay of the Canadian country music community, the hoedown was 86’d.

So why is this Taylor’s problem?

According to a new lawsuit filed in federal court in New York, Swift got all of her cash up front … and the ticket company, which had to refund $1.8 million in tickets, thinks she should foot the bill … since she never actually did anything. In fact, even if TS were to pay, she would still walk with $700k in profit.

But Taylor’s rep tells TMZ the singer NEVER made a deal with the ticket company — and has not yet seen the lawsuit … which means she’s not exactly rushing to fork over a $1.8 million check.


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