LindaIkeji acquires N8 million 2011 Infiniti FX 35


Wharrahell…decided to spoil myself..Haha! Bought myself the 2011  Infiniti FX 35 – the premium package. Got it on Friday for 8 million  naira. Call me Linda ‘Chopping Life’ Ikeji. Lol

My sisters wanted me to get a Range but I’ve always loved this SUV and  now I own one! Amazing stuff!!! See more photos of the car after the  cut…


Posing with my two rides, the 2011 Infiniti FX 35 and my 2008 Toyota Camry. #Biggirlsthinz Hehe!
I put this up for two reasons : 1. To show off of course…why else? Lol And 2, to encourage other ladies out there to keep working hard and keep believing in themselves. You don’t need any aristo to give you  anything…any woman with will and drive can can give herself anything  she wants!
By this time two years ago, I didn’t have much…but I never stopped  believing in myself and I never stopped working hard. I can’t even begin to count how many businesses I put my hands into before one paid off – Blogging! I told myself that I will make it in this life one day as my own woman  and on my own terms, that no man will ever take away my dignity…and I  did it. So can you! Yes, you! You have the power! And with God on your  side, you are unstoppable!
This is probably a good time to say this I’m starting a youth empowerment programme called I’d rather be SELF MADE, but I will tell y’all more about it later.
Lastly, if you’ve ever opened this blog to read its content, thank you!  You can’t begin to imagine how much you’ve changed my life! Kisses!!!


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