T1 Headphones

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  • T1 Headphones from Beyerdynamic

For its T1 headphones, German audio product manufacturer Beyerdynamic constructed the first transducer with a magnetic-flux density greater than one tesla (hence T1), which translates to a lighter weight with increased strength, and thus impulse response, when converting audio signals into sound waves. With this driver, the T1s output has significantly more sound pressure than most headphones, providing cleaner responses throughout all frequency ranges. (According to the manufacturer, the T1s will reproduce everything from 5 Hz to 50 kHz.). These circumaural cans, with their semi-open design, are well equipped for hard-hitting rock and soft, airy jazz and classical, in addition to being lightweight and comfortable for extended listening. Pair these with Beyerdynamic’s top-of-the-line A1 headphone amp ($895) for a true audiophile experience.
BrandBeyerdynamic Price$1,295.00

Electronics TypeHeadphones

Phone631.293.3200 Websitewww.beyerdynamic.com


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