Nigerians donated over 3 Million Naira within 2 hours to Pa. Akinkunmi

Nigerians donated over 3 Million Naira within 2 hours to Pa. Akinkunmi


To many people who have lost hope in the Nigerian dream and patriotism, it is as a result of the woes of the leadership system in Nigeria. One of the bold steps that a young patriotic Nigerian popularly known as Sister Dammy, with the support of some crew member brought a very influential Reality Radio program presenter, popularly called Ordinary Ahmed Isah, the executive media strategist of the Radio show, ‘BREKETE Family’ – and his funny slogan ‘….. Hembelembeh…. Olohloh….’ came all the way from Abuja to perform a real wonder.

The radio presenter, Ordinary Ahmed Isah, a radio presenter of Discovery Media arrived Ibadan, Oyo State yesterday 2nd January 2013, and commenced his Reality reality Radio Show on the streets of Iwo road sampling opinion of Nigerians on the Negligence, unpatriotic attitude of the Federal Government and maltreatment of the designer of the Nigerian National Flag before they found their way to his house between 7am and 9am on 3rd January, 2013.

Pa Akinkunmi, the Old man who designed the Nigerian National flag at the age of 27, will turn 77 on 10th May 2013 and the living legend, patriotic man who embezzled nothing from the wealth of this nation has been abandoned by the nation.

We confirmed that the man has only enjoyed constant benefit from the Oyo State Ministry of Women Affairs who pays to the man’s account a token of N10,000.00v(Ten thousand naira only) every month.

Other than this support, he hardly gets money nor support to survive. Funding his children to school has been very difficult leaving the young lads to struggle to survive like ordinary citizens.

Pa Akinkunmi lives in a house with no electricity, nor water, neither does he have road access to his new house that was donated to him, courtesy of the MTN sponsored ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ when he won 2 million naira sometime in 2010.

His story changed yesterday when supporters and patriotic Nigerians with the move of a patriotic citizen, Nigerians who listened to the live broadcast of the Reality Radio program in Abuja donated over 3 million naira within 2 hours after the broadcast.

In attendance was the Director of National Orientation Agency, Oyo State, Yomi Davies, Crew from the Discovery Media from Abuja, Larry Dew, and a host of other team members.


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