Introducing the Viella 12 Turntable

  • Top view


For over a decade, Germany’s AMG (for Analog Manufaktur Germany—no relation to the AMG branch of automaker Mercedes-Benz) has been providing specialized, high-tolerance parts for many of the world’s finest turntables. The company recently began delivering its own turntable, the AMG Viella 12. Designed by company principal Werner Roeschlau, the V12 offers simple vinyl playback that is not lacking in audio luster or precision. The belt-drive system carefully tucked beneath the record platter is just one example of the V12’s uncluttered design—but the table is also built to last.

“I want the V12 to be a turntable you pass on to your children,” says Roeschlau. Indeed, close examination reveals a level of build quality that one would expect from a Leica camera, a fine Swiss watch, or a Formula 1 racecar. To ensure the table’s longevity, it features sealed bearings that never need lubrication, along with power and speed switches that are free from moving parts. And in terms of analog reproduction, this no-nonsense turntable shines.

The AMG V12 retails for $16,500, which includes a 12-inch tonearm, and is available in the United States through hi-fi audio component dealer Musical Surroundings. (510.547.5006,;


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