NEWS: My Collaboration With 50 Cent and Olivia – Olu Maintain

Award-winning singer,Olu Maintain in a recent interview, discussed his International collaboration with American rapper 50cent and velvet-voiced singer Olivia, in his new single “Hypnotize Me” which was released yesterday.

This is what he had to say about the collaboration

“For me, doing collaboration with any international artiste should not just be by the star power of the artiste; it should be by merit that this artiste can genuinely do justice to the song in question.

So, if I was asked who I would love to do collaboration with, a female singer that is equally as pretty and has a beautiful voice, my choice would be Olivia because I’ve always been her fan.  So, when we met and I played her the song, she liked it and said she was willing to do it. Then we met in New York at the Platinum Studio owned by Jerry Wonder, one of the most sought after producers in the world.

“Coincidentally, Olivia is Jerry Wonder’s new artiste as well. 50 Cent has his lines on this track too. And there was this chemistry upon our meeting and we did the song with a beautiful experience and the video too is on the way.

“Everything is pretty much falling into place and I’m more than happy that I’ve waited this long. In terms of quality, you should never compromise because you have the obligation to always beat your best.

So far, my name has evolved from Mr. Yahooze to Mr. Nawti. So, I look at ‘Nawti’ as the best effort that I’ve put out there and Hypnotize Me has to come to beat what Nawti has done.”


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