Find Heat and Charge

by Alison –

Concept alert, concept alert. But oh boy, does this make sense. Stoves, radiators, portable heaters – the list of heat generating devices in our lives goes on and on. And our lives have gone portable with phones, tablets, laptops and the like. Devices have existed to charge electronics via heat sources, but never with the portability aspect.

YankoDesign features some of the latest industrial designs. Highlighted in their Technology section is the EcoCharge, a portable and green option for charging electronics. How so? EcoCharge draws heat from any heating device. Then thermoelectric generator modules convert heat to electricity. Power is delivered out of the unit via USB connection. Then just take your pick of what device to plug in. The concept had previously existed, but not in a portable unit – critical for our charging needs. Designer Ardavan Mirhosseini took it a step further by adding magnets to the side of the EcoCharge. Stick it to any metal surface while you draw out heat and charge. The unit also monitors and displays the conduction process so you could know how efficiently you charge. Imagine attaching EcoCharge to your hot pot of chili? Or how about affixing to the heating unit? It certainly makes sense and perhaps, someday, will become a reality.

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