.My heart aches…

.My heart aches,my heart bleeds and my heart is failing!Never felt such a great pain in a long while.i couldn’t go to my shop nor office!To the shame of the devil,pain is a good thing if used constructively!My pain made me sing and my song is Black Sunday.It is for the living to dance away their sorrows!


As this Black Sunday song spreads,may it brings joy to every listener and bless every heart!We decided to make the song emotional,yet dance able to get us out of our pains as soon as we can


Black Sunday is more relevant than Oleku(love song) at this time of reflections!I give you Black Sunday to shame the evil men!Oleku by Fashiefizzie needs 2500 more downloads!We are pushing Black Sunday more cause your needs is more important than any earthly goal


Pls rebroadcast this message without distortion


Fizzie Republic ,@fashie