enjoy it with music

..I got this from my pal,kunle adelakun!Pls read it,it will help you a lot!let’s go


The Ultimate testimony: Up Chelsea. Against all odds chelsea have won the champions league. In Germany, against Robben, Gomez, Muller and Ribery. 

When God’s favor is ready for you it will be clear as day. Your enemies will miss penalties like Messi and Robben. You will use one corner to get your equalizer against your Bayern. 

In the Bible God told Gideon to use just 300 soldiers to face the enemy, so that when Gideon wins he will know it is God that has helped him and not his own army or strength. Chelsea beat Bayern with assistant coach + No Terry + No ivanovic + No ramires.

Its a known fact that German teams always win on penalties, but yesterday was different. It was simply God’s favour. Pure and simple. 

The year 2012 has been strange so far, power is shifting: Zambia beat cote divoire to win the nations cup, Manchester City won the Premiership (1st time in 44yrs) now Chelsea have won the Champions League first time in history.

I don’t know what you have been waiting for o, but as Roman Abrahamovich did not wait in vain You will also not wait in vain… People around will just be saying “na wa o” na wa o….2012 , the story continues.




Enjoy it with this monster love song.




Enjoy it with this monster love song.


Fizzie Republic


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