daily ginger-breakfast

.To grow we must die. 

…….In whole or in parts. 

A seed to earth must die to blossom into flowers of success. 

In this cyclical progression of death and life, we must avoid choking the growth of ‘sister’ or ‘brother’ seeds by watering the bed or ridge with buckets of animosity. 

The one reason it behooved me to challenge Don Jazzy and D’Banj to both ‘man up’, sheath their swords and rise above any and all differences. Now I am ‘toes-on-cloud-nine’ they have buried the hatchet and embraced each other in brotherhood and unconditional love. Despite everything and though in separate creative quarters, they now more than ever before, stand to affect the millions of young people who feed motivation and quantum supply from their bags of success and creative impetus. 

I can not help but say congratulations to Don Jazzy and ‘MAVIN’. It is also appropriate to congratulate D’banj on his new project and sojourn. 

I did not expect any less from both of them. The truism ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’ remains ‘kampe’ and constant. ‘Quod erat faciendum’

                                       -Kese Jabari.


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